Enlighten, heal and transform with the wisdom and support of neuroscience

Neuroshamanism is an emerging field exploring the interface between neuroscience, the shamanic arts, and the Divine Feminine, pioneered by Donna Lightning Feather and Dr. Susan Kennedy.   

Neuroscience supports your desire to honor your intuition and your quest for healing and becoming whole:  the quest for spirit. 

Shamanism is the oldest religion on the planet with every human being having an ancestor who practiced this religion.  It is the worship of the earth, cosmos, and all her elements and spirits.    

We have found that neuroscience supports the value and the transformational power of the Divine Feminine religion of Shamanism, where Goddess and the Yin principles of intuition, meditation, reflection, reception, devotion, and celebration essential.  

We look forward to sharing our passion of tuning into self and honoring  The Divine Feminine wisdom within.  

Stay tuned for our upcoming virtual healing circle scheduled for August, 2023.

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Donna Lightning Feather

Donna Lynn is the creative spirit behind Lightning Feather Healing arts.  She is a spiritual and energetic intermediary who draws on both Buddhism and Shamanism in her healing work.  As a student and practitioner of The Radiance Technique ®, she works with both light and sound to access awareness, insight, consciousness.  A gifted shamanic practitioner, she brings her offering of healing through the ancient arts of singing, dancing and ceremony.  Donna connects people with wholeness through her gifts of deep intuition, understanding of global traditions, perceptive listening, seeing and storytelling.  She serves as a witness and spiritual guide for healing, transformation and liberation.  Her intention is to help others shine more of their light out into the world.  

A teacher of many disciplines, Donna graduated from The University of Kentucky with a degree in French and studied French language and culture at The Alliance Française in Paris where she lived for several years, eventually becoming a French and ESL teacher.  She later discovered Waldorf Education and studied at the world renowned Sunbridge Institute,  a Waldorf teacher education community, where she received a degree in Early childhood education.  She was drawn to the philosophy of Waldorf education because of its spiritual and therapeutic nature.  Anthroposophy, the philosophy and cosmology cornerstone of Waldorf education, offers dynamic insight for the person on the path of self development.  This cosmology honors both The Divine Feminine and the soul/spiritual being of the child. This experience  served as an important training ground for Donna's future work as a mother and medicine woman.  

Donna was blessed to find Buddhism and the path of Yoga at an early age and has been dedicated to her yoga practice for thirty years.  She is a devoted practitioner of The Radiance Technique®, working with transcendental, radiant, universal light energy.  This is a vibrational energy science that when applied, promotes healing, wholing, maintaining positive wellness, transformation and enlightenment.  

Becoming a mother was a powerful initiation for Lightning Feather.  She immersed herself in the art of sacred mothering and educated her son at home where she pioneered a holistic educational approach for him as his needs were beyond the scope of traditional institutions.  This unique educational path drew upon the principles of Waldorf education, nature immersion, somatic therapeutic support and the wisdom of diverse spiritual traditions.  

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Dr. Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy is a neuroscientist and mother living in the mountains near Bayfield, Colorado.  She has loved reading, math, and science since she was 3 years old.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics and Biology from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan

Her doctoral research explored the neurochemistry of mood, emotion, and immunity using positron emission tomography (PET) neuroimaging in human volunteers with major depression.  She spent years performing research in the Physiology and Pharmacology departments at the University of Michigan Medical School as well as the Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute at the University of Michigan.  

Susan has been teaching biology, anatomy and physiology, and pathophysiology at the university level for over 15 years, amassing  knowledge of the human body in health and disease at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels.  She continues to hone the art of communicating complex biological information in a way that is easy to understand.

Susan's evidence-based Truth Medicine approach embraces the body of knowledge in peer-reviewed medical journals.  Susan's goal is to serve her community by communicating life-changing truths from medical research to the public.  

She is passionate about debunking outdated myths about the human body that persist in our society and educational systems.  Her mission is to share the newest evidence about how our bodies work in health and disease to help people live long lives free from the burden of disease.

Susan is an editor for American Journal Experts and enjoys learning about new discoveries in a wide variety of scientific disciplines.  Her interest in shamanism was sparked by recent breakthroughs in the fields of quantum biology, quantum computing, and evolutionary biology.  

Susan embraces holobiont, holistic, and systems-level approaches that take our current knowledge of quantum-level interactions into account.  She believes that shamanism bridges the gap between knowledge gained through reductionistic approaches and the true nature of all interactions happening in the cells of our bodies.  Her current research interests include neuropsychoimmunology and quantum biology.

Find Susan's published peer-reviewed research journal articles in the National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine here:  Dr. Susan Kennedy's publications.

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